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Paintings by Kim McLaughlin

The thing that continually fascinates me are People. People I see around town, people doing interesting things, people in old snapshots. I’ve acquired “lots” of black and white family photos from eBay. If the photos come from the same estate, family histories unfold. I love painting from them, and sharing moments that might otherwise be lost forever. The “story telling” aspect is what I want to capture.  My influences are many of the trends from the first half of the 20th century— American Realism, The Golden Age of Illustration, Pulp Magazines, and more. 


I am a watercolorist. I’m amazed with what a flexible medium it is. For every watercolor “rule,” the opposite is also true. I was a graphic designer after an art school education at the Museum Art School (now PNCA) in Portland and Art Center College of Design in Pasadena. I’m returning to mediums that had delighted me.

Instagram: @MinervaPDX

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